Crazy Hot Hawaiian Sunrise Sauce #CuisineCompanion

Introducing my "Crazy Hot Hawaiian Sunrise Sauce".

Yes it is a mouthful but so is my sauce.

Why the name?

It is made of Crazy Barry's Cherry Tomatoes, Sunrise Bumble Bee Tomatoes, Fatalii Chili (very very hot), Banana Capsicum all from the garden as well as Pineapple (Hence Hawaii) and honey, apple cider vinegar, Garlic, Onion and seasonings.

I took the idea of what to put in from Krystyna Simmons and then adapted to what I wanted. I also put in about 10 whole tomatoes after the cooking so that they will remain whole.


This is my first time growing all of the above and they are all spectacular in their own way. Can I say that the Fatalii Chili is one of the prettiest I have seen (as is the Sunrise Bumble Bee Tomato) but also one of the most fake looking. The skin is so thin and looks like one of those shiny plastic fake foods. Stunning (and did I mention hot - I guess that is the Fatal part - thank God I only put half in)


3 gloves garlic peeled
1 o…

Mince pasta bake with shell pasta #cuisinecompanion #philipspastamaker

This is a delicious pasta bake using my Philips Pasta Maker and my Tefal Cuisine Companion

First I made NAPOLETANI shell pasta using a screen from Pastidea. They worked out beautifully and I popped them in the fridge whilst I cooked the mince.

I then used my cuisine companion to make a wonderful sauce. Ingredients
500grms beef mince 1 jar of Secla tomato sauce with Parmesan cheese (or your favourite tomato sauce) 1 onion peeled and quartered 2 long red chilies 3 cloves of garlic peeled 1 tablespoon oil salt and pepper to taste Cayenne pepper to taste 1 cup grated tasty cheese 1 cup cheese - mix of mozzarella and other cheese 1 spring onion sliced thinly Herbs of choice - I use basil
1. Marinate mince with tomato sauce in a bowl in the fridge for about 2 hours
2. After 2 hours: - preheat oven to 180C degrees
3. Add onion,  chili and garlic to bowl with ultra blade
4. Speed 11 - time 15 seconds - check that all is chopped and use a spatula to scrape down sides
5. Replace ultra bl…

Angel Hair and Tomatoes #Philipspastamaker

I had a glut of cherry tomatoes from a very productive garden and with the hot summer weather here in Sydney, I wanted something light to go with them.

So I tried my angel hair disc for the Philips Pasta Maker and made the angel hair for the first time.

It turned out fabulous.

The look of it wasn't that great. I looked a bit insipid. However it tasted wonderful.

This was made for one person - ME!!


1 red chili - finely sliced
1 large clove of garlic - finely sliced
1 small onion - finely sliced
3 tablespoons good quality evoo (approx)
1 tablespoon butter (approx)
Handful of cherry tomatoes
Several pieces of marinated feta
1 small capsicum

Heat oil and butter and fry chili, onion and garlic until cooked
Add capsicum
Add most of the tomatoes and cook until soft then smash them with a spoon so the juices leak out
Add feta
Add the rest of the tomatoes and basil and cook until warm
Season with salt and pepper

Cook pasta and then combine


Chorizo, Chili and Feta Pasta / Pasta Salad. #cuisinecompanion #philipspastamaker

Not a great photo - and it isn't even finished with the spring onions, parsley and lemon zest, but it was Christmas Eve and I was in a hurry.

I lurve pasta and pasta salad so what should one serve on a hot Sydney Christmas day? BBQ chicken and salads.

This salad was inspired by Serious Eats however changed to suit me (first time I made it I didn't like the pickled onion or the amount of vinegar). I also didn't use peppers as some of my family don't eat them (quelle horreur). I replaced the picked onion with fresh spring onion and I also added marinated feta. I also used chilies instead of chili flakes.

With this pasta salad, 2 of my kitchen toys played well together. The cuisine companion did the very hard work of chopping the garlic, chorizo and chili. I don't like chunky chorizo so had it cut very fine. The CC then cooked the chili, chorizo and garlic.

My Philips pasta maker made the pasta with my new MACCHERONI QUADRI (square macaroni) screen from Pastidea. I l…

Rodway Cheesecake #cuisinecompanion

When life gives you lemons - or in this case apples - make cheesecake!

I order my groceries online and mistakenly ordered 5 kgs of apples instead of 5 apples. Hence it was raining apples at Chez BeaJay.

I was wondering what to make and along came the cooking show - Alive and Cooking. The chef made a delicious looking cheesecake that used 4 green apples in the cheese part of the cheesecake and topped it off with blackberries in jel. Yum.

So here it is converted to Cuisine Companion instructions.

If you make this I would love it if you came back and let me know how it went.

Cheesecake Base:
100 g unsalted butter
2/3rds 400gr packet digestive biscuits (or about 250 - 300 grms of similar biscuits)

4 green apples, cut into chunks (peel discarded)
300 g caster sugar (separated 200grm and 100grms) 4 tsp. gelatine powder (separated)
300 ml thickened cream
250 g cream cheese (room temp) and chopped into 2 cm cubes
400 ml clear apple juice

300 g – 350 g frozen blackberries, slig…

Curried Tuna #Philipspastamaker

I had some leftover pasta from yesterday's meal but this time I used the longer "spiral" type pasta I made by letting the dough run through the Funghi screen for longer. The screen was purchased through Pastidea.

This recipe is a throw back to the 70's where curry powder and pineapple reigned supreme. I still love it even though it is kitsch. It certainly caused some controversy with an Italian member of the Philips Pasta and Noodle Maker facebook page who said the combination would make her have a heart attack 😄😃

It is a treat for me and I serve it with both pasta (and although you can't see it underneath) rice... Yes - double carbs.....

If anyone has a strong stomach and a yearning for 70's kitsch - here it is.

1 onion cut into wedges
1.5 tablespoons Clive of India curry powder
1 x 185 gr can tuna - drained
1 small can of pineapple pieces drained but reserve 2 tablespoons of juice
1 tablespoon plain four
2 tablespoons sour cream

In a fry pan
Brown onion …

Funghi Pasta with "One Pan" Sausage - #Philipspastamaker

The lovely Gisela from Pastidea has made an arrangement (for a limited time) with Keryn Wolff of the Philips Pasta Maker Facebook page, to bring cheaper postage rates to Australia..... So I bought myself a few new screens for my pasta maker 😃😍

Today I tested out the Funghi Screen. This makes cute little mushroom shaped pasta when you cut it quickly....

And spirally shaped pasta when you let it run for a bit.

I cut half of the pasta as individual Fughi for the dish above and the other half as spirals for a curried tuna dish I am going to make later.

The dish I decided to try the Funghi with was a "One Pan" Sausage dish by the great Chef John at Food Wishes. One Pan Orecchiette with Sausage Arugula.

Now Chef John used Orecchiette and Arugula (Rocket) and I used Funghi and Spinach so it was a little different. Chef John also used Parmesan at the end and I used Marinated Fetta. I just loved the silkiness of the melting fetta.

The meal was very nice (and the pasta was fantasti…

Bacon, Jalapeno, Cheese and Spring Onion Bread #PanasonicSD2501

I haven't used my breadmaker for a while and now twice in 2 days. Yesterday I made Sourdough Bread Rolls (from a packet mix) but they all went over lunch with the family.
Made the most delicious Bacon, Jalapeno, tasty cheese and spring onion bread today. Beautifully soft and the crust was amazing. Made the large loaf with medium crust in the Panasonic SD2501. Used the recipe for the Rosemary and Pinenut loaf but instead of rosemary and pine nut I used 3 rashers of bacon chopped a and about 2/3 cup of grated tasty cheese. I put this in with the mix along with 1/2 teaspoon of bread improver. I also only used half a tablespoon of sugar. I added 2 sliced spring onions and 1 chopped Jalapeno into the fruit and nut dispenser which was added by the machine at the right time. Yum

Eggplant and onion pasta #philipspastamaker

Made some homemade pasta using the Mafalde disc. Made gorgeous frilled pasta which tasted fabulous. Wasn't very happy with the Eggplant sauce. It tasted okay but was a hell of a lot of work for something that tasted the same as many other tomato based pasta sauces.

Very happy with my Philips Pasta and Noodle Maker.

Ginger Beer Ribs #CusineCompanion

Last Christmas I gave you my heart but the very next....... Oops. Got carried away there.

Last Christmas I saw cartons of Ginger Beer on sale when I was doing my online grocery shopping and immediately envisaged the Ginger Beer spiders of my youth. So I ordered a carton...... Like so many of my other online purchases, I didn't look properly and ended up with DIET ginger beer. So long fantasies.

Now I really should use diet products - my waistline certainly could do with it - however anything with the word diet in it suddenly puts me off and soft drink in particular. I am not a lover of soft drink in general and diet ones are particularly gross in my opinion. I was just thinking of spiders of the non-arachnid type.

Anyhoo - the carton has been staring at me accusingly ever since so in the interests of appeasing my conscious in regards to my scorned purchase, I started thinking of ways to use it. Pork and ginger beer..... hmmm.

This is what I came up with and it was mighty tasty.


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